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Today we're going to talk a little about photography.  As a budding photographer (well, as someone who really just LOVES to take photos of any a...

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Beautiful Photo Props

We offer a wide selection of handcrafted newborn, baby and toddler photography props including stretch knit wraps, faux flokati and fur posing rugs, wood branch owl/bird nests, handmade knit & crochet baby hats, headbands, blankets, baby bowls, swaddle sacks and cocoons, baby hammocks, stork sacks, diaper covers and other newborn photo props.  We offer the highest quality craftsmanship utilizing our exceptional yarn selection and are honored to be recognized as one of the top photography vendors in the world! We offer WORLDWIDE SHIPPING and all orders ship as quickly as possible!

While all of our items on the site are shown in NEWBORN sizes (to be used in the first 14 days of newborn life), additional sizes are available so if you need a larger size please ask prior to placing your order and we'll be happy to accommodate :)